Schubert (1797-1828)’s “Winterreise”, hailed as one of the jewels in the genre of lieder, is set to the 24 poems by German poet Wilhelm Müller (1794-1827).  The loner who is trying to find meaning in life on a psychological journey in “Winterreise” forms an uncanny parallel imagery between those isolated by social distancing while coping with uncertainties amidst the epidemic at present.  In our “Winterreise on Ice” project, we have called for original paintings from secondary students who were inspired by seven selected songs from Schubert’s song cycle.  Around 80 students have responded and came up with their own visualized “Winterreise” from a different perspective. Thirty paintings were selected and are showcased in form of a virtual exhibition.  Out of these 30 works, we have further selected a few to create an animated version, thus this “Animated Winterreise“.


Animated Winterreise



Now available on YouTube

我們的畫家 Our Painters

晚安 Good Night

李瑜雯 Li Yu Man

姚雨欣 Yiu Yu Yan

陳星璇 Chen Xingxuan

冰封 Frozen

卓美欣 Cheuk Mei Yan

陳抒璟 Chen Chujing

林子晴 Lam Tsz Ching

鬼火 Will o’ the Wisp

朱柏臻 Chu Pak Chun

林霓雯 Lam Ngai Man

范文笙 Fan Man Sang

夢境的春天 Dream of Spring

吳敏騫 Ng Man Hin

烏鴉 The Crow

伍卓嵐 Ng Cheuk Nam

勇氣 Courage

黃愛兒 Wong Oi Yi

風琴手 The Hurdy-Gurdy Man

鄭國權 Cheng Kwok Kuen

製作團隊 Creative Team

音樂總監╱男高音 Music Director / Tenor:柯大衛 David Quah

鋼琴 Pianist:楊習禮 Raymond Young

影片製作 Video Production:春秋大夢 Daaimung

導演╱動畫 Director / Animation:蘇秋然 Danny So

音響工程 Audio Engineer:陳沛正 Chan Pui-ching

監製 Producer:華意堂藝術策劃 RhapsoArts Management Ltd.